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The Sheets Museum and Wildlife Learning Center was established in 2004 and construction soon began that year. Through the dedication of volunteers the Museum became a reality with the doors opening in 2005.

The museum centers around the collection of Sumner B. Sheets gathered from around the world. Here is an excerpt from his hand written notes about his journey starting Dec 24, 1960.

"Finally got through customs and to hotel in Cairo about daylight. Took Arab guide to Pyramids, Spinx, King Tut's museum, poverty stricken market places. Rode Camel. Photographed ancient burial tombs and modern ones also. Visited shops, and tried to hang goats. Every kind of vehicle imaginable being pulled down streets by donkeys. Would be embarrassed and get mad when photographed, had to get pictures from in car. Very difficult. Beggers and hungry kids going from car to car right in streets asking all for food. Everyone in the markets were in rags, many barefoot, and all were filthy. Air in streets smelled like an "out house" which the streets actually were. The whole city is one continuous loud peeping of horns. Anyone who drives has to hold his hand on the horn to keep the peasants out of the way. The intersections are the same as in all the countries of Europe. All drivers race to see which one can beat the other fellow through. One way to live dangerously."



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